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   Basic and Detail Engineerings

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Fluid Bed

Drum coater

Vertical granulator


Product handling


 Technical processes




Approval Planning

Complete process for the production of infusions (LVP) with Blow-Fill-Seal-Technology

We will check out your project to ensure it fulfils all the right criteria and draw up the documentation you need for that all-important approval - as well as applications for exemptions and releases. Let Glatt take the strain out of dealing with the competent authorities, adapting the planning documents as required and drawing up submission-ready approval documentation.

▶ Layout and plant concepts

On the basis of your concept, we will elaborate and specify all the details relating to machines and equipment, information technology, ancillary equipment, room and building management.

Assisted by state-of-the-art planning software and proven quality management systems, our engineers can supply you with all the individual specifications you need to execute the overall project, such as room inventories, specifications for all machines and equipment, performance records, set-up plans, detail design drawings and much more... It is during the concept phase that the essential basis of your investment is determined - so particular care at this stage is especially important.

Process principles



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