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Automation solutions for the whole process.

Customized systems.
Based on globally established standards.

In networks.
In higher-level systems.

Modular design.

Convenient operating and visualization facilities.

Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.



Automation solutions for the whole process
Glatt provides modern, economic and future-orientated automation solutions for the control of complete process lines right up to the control of the whole manufacturing process incl. logistics and auxiliary processes.


Customized systems
In order to fulfill customer-specific requirements to the greatest possible extent, we develop and implement our own control systems for machines and processes. Globally established software and hardware form the basis of these. Glatt provides applications based on Siemens PCS 7, Intellution, Citect, Wonderware or WinCC.
  Process visualization, transportation of solid material
Process visualization, transportation of solid material


The advantages for you:

Individual control system and world-wide local support.
Your maintenance personnel do not need special programming knowledge to diagnose faults.
This guarantees high availability for your system.


Integration into networks and higher-level systems
Interfaces for integration into networks and higher-level systems such as an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or SAP. Use of industrial standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP.
Control of processes in different production locations.
Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance facilities.


Control room
Control room
Modular design
Pre-parameterised modules allow maximum flexibility when engineering and scaling all machine-specific components of the control system.
  Convenient operating and visualization facilities
Process visualization for all control stations.
Comprehensive information on current operating conditions.
Recording, processing and archiving of all relevant process data.
Plausible process guidance for error-free control.
Monitoring and reporting of alarm, fault and operator messages.
Process visualization, dairy line Process visualization, dairy line Process visualization, dairy line
Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Measurements are recorded, processed and stored electronically. Connection to databases, electronic records (ER), electronic signatures (ES) or audit trail - Glatt process control systems fulfill the requirements of the FDA Directive 21 CFR Part 11. And of course, if you wish, we will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive documentation on our control systems for Validation, Qualification and Calibration - right up to GAMP 4.


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