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Fluid Bed

Drum coater

Vertical granulator


Product handling


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Glatt MegaView Control Panel User-friendly operator guidance and process visualization.

Formulation management.

For different processes and
For different products.

Multi-user capability.

For parallel processes.

In networks.
In higher-level systems.

Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Customized solutions.
Based on globally established standards.

Ex design.


User-friendly operator guidance and process visualization
The process sequences can be freely configured and can run manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. The Glatt PC-based MegaView provides logical operator guidance and a comprehensive and clear visualization of the process on a large-screen TFT monitor for:

Machine control screens
Process schematic with display of functions
Graphical display of process parameters
Formulation management
Operator guidance

Of course, all necessary safety-related interlocks are incorporated.



Process visualization: Drum coating Process visualization:
Drum coating
Glatt MegaView control panel Alternative 1 Glatt MegaView control
panel Alternative 1

Multitasking for parallel processes
Machines connected to the system (e.g. a vertical granulator, a fluid bed granulator and a WIP rack) can be operated from a central control system. The control system can be equipped with one or more control panels on request.


Integration into networks and higher-level systems
The Glatt MegaView provides all interfaces for integration into networks and higher-level systems such as an MES (Manufacturing Execution System). This allows the control, monitoring and documentation of complete production processes to be fully automated. Production data can be documented and evaluated centrally (-> Process Control Systems).


Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
Measurements can be recorded, processed and stored electronically. Connection to databases, electronic records (ER), electronic signatures (ES) or audit trail - the Glatt MegaView fulfills the requirements of the FDA Directive 21 CFR Part 11. And of course, if you wish, we will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive documentation on our control systems for Validation, Qualification and Calibration - right up to GAMP 4.


Customized solutions
In order to fulfill customer-specific requirements to the greatest possible extent, we develop and implement our own control systems for our machines.
Globally established software and hardware form the basis of these.
The standard PLC is Siemens. We can also supply Allen Bradley or other makes on request.
  Control cabinet
Control cabinet
  Process visualization: Vertical granulator
  Process visualization: Vertical granulator
Ex design

Glatt MegaView can be supplied in a pressurized design for use in Ex-Zone 1 or 2 (protection class EEx(p)).


Process principles


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