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   EcoView Machine Control System

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Glatt EcoView Control Panel

Operator guidance.
Logical and user-friendly.

Modular flexibility.



Operator guidance

EcoView provides simple operator guidance by means of pre-defined, clearly arranged function keys. In the case of the laboratory units, all messages are shown in plain text on an LCD screen. A standard feature of all production units is a large-screen LCD monitor with a graphical visualization of all relevant process parameters, user guidance for alarm messages and a Help function. Of course, all necessary safety-related interlocks are incorporated.


Operator panel for laboratory systems
  Operator Panel for Laboratory system


Modular flexibility
A large number of control modules are available to expand EcoView for the control of your individual plant configuration


Data gathering with DataView
Process parameters can be monitored, reported and displayed with the optional DataView PC-based system. The data gathered are also available as an Excel file.


Customized solutions
In order to fulfill customer-specific requirements to the greatest possible extent, we develop and implement our own control systems for our machines. Globally established software and hardware form the basis of these. The standard PLC is Siemens.
The advantage for you is an individual control system and world-wide local support. This guarantees high availability for your system.


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