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Glatt offers a wide range of stainless steel containers for powders and granulates, which are simultaneously carriers of product and of information.


Container Blender Type CR

▶ Diverse Functionality
Weighing, blending, storing, transporting and documenting.

Can be cleaned fully automatically.

Transportation and exchange of product data.

On paper or electronically.


Modular Ranges

The range includes containers with square (Type CS) and round (Type CG) cross-sections with useful capacilities from 200L to 3000L.


Stainless steel design, suitable for GMP
As the connecting link between processes, containers are subjected to considerable loads. This places high demands on the construction and on the material. Depending on the specific requirements, Glatt offers containers as self-supporting structures or with a torsionally rigid frame – in compliance with GMP. Datasheets are dispatched along with the product in the carrier provided.


Containers of different sizes

  Contaniers of different sizes

Electronic systems are provided for exchanging product data such as barcode identification, or for exchanging the data on MOBY chips.
Depending on the particular application, Glatt containers are available with different optional extras such as stackability, fork-lift facility, transport skids, charging cover, quick-release fasteners, filters, valves, discharge aids and devices for product gassing and fully automatic cleaning.


Container with carrier for datasheet

Electronic data exchange using MOBY

Special container

Container CS 3000


Container with carrier for data

Electric data exchange using MOBY

Special container

CS3000 container


Process principles

Technical Processes

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