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   Pneumatic Conveyor System

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  Glatt PCS pneumatic conveying systems are used especially where gentle handling of the product is required when filling and emptying containers and process machines.
Glatt offers pneumatic conveyor systems in different sizes:
PCS 10 to PCS 900, where in each case the number specifies the size of the product separator in dm3.

Ideal for horizontal product flow.

Direct linking to the next process step.

With exhaust air filters suitable for automatic cleaning.

SC SuperClean® design.

PRO design.



Fast, effective and homogeneous Mixing of active ingredients, additives and raw carrier materials. Whether large or small, round or square stainless steel containers or drums. We provide the optimum solution for every container.

KFM Tilting drum blender up to 20
0l product
CM Container blender with lifting device for square containers up to 2.00
0l product
KCM Container blender for square containers up to 1.60
0l product CMK Cage container blender for square containers up to 3.000l product
CMR Container blender with lifting device for round containers up to 1.50
0l product

Pneumatic conveyor module on a charge/discharge stand

PCS 20 in a filling machine

PCS 20, on an EL 60 lifting
device for filling containers

Pneumatic conveyor
system with Glatt sieve for
product homogenization
SC SuperClean® design

With the SC SuperClean® concept, Glatt is offering a patented technology, which sets the standard world-wide for cleaning.
All sizes of Glatt PCS pneumatic conveyor systems can be supplied in SC SuperClean® design for automatic plant cleaning (CIP).
  PRO design
The PRO Concept combines the highest levels of safety (1
2bar pressure shock resistance) with all the requirements for total containment. It ideally complements all other systems in the Glatt PRO ranges.


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Technical Processes



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