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  The docking and disconnection of containers has long been a particular challenge from the point of view of containment. Toxic or highly active substances require an extremely low level of contamination to the outside (-> Total Containment). Glatt has developed complex Docking Systems for this purpose.
The heart of the docking system for the most stringent containment requirements is the patented Glatt SKS valve system.
  SKS 200 Containment Valve

Patented solution.
SKS Valve system.

Protection for people and the environment.

No cross-contamination.

Compliance with OEL regulations.

(Operator Exposure Limit).

Optimization of investment costs.

Minimization of clean-room areas. Fewer secondary measures.

Reproducible containment.

Intelligent solutions.
Use of high-quality materials.

Patented solution

The SKS valve system features a horizontally divided valve plate and a housing divided into active and passive halves.
The non-driven, passive half of the valve with static seal is located on the mobile element (container or drum) and the active half with the valve and locking drive on the docking system from/to the process machine.
Docking devices specially developed for SKS valve systems guarantee the required high precision of the docking and undocking processes.
SKS valves are available in the standard sizes DN 100, DN 200 and DN 250 complete with control system.
The valve can be equipped with an automatic cleaning system depending on the product and the level of containment.
  Principles Operation

In the docked state, the valve opens and closes in the conventional manner.
On decoupling, the valve and the valve plate separate from one another. The surfaces which are then exposed are free from contamination.
Seal inflated, valve closed Seal inflated
Valve closed
Seal deflated, valve open Seal deflated
Valve open





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