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Product handling


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Glatt spheronizers/pelletizers are used wherever homogeneous pellets are to be produced with throughputs of up to 10.000kg/h.


Of moist granulates and extruded products.

Build up of pellets.
By direct pelletizing and layering.

Simple handling.
Adjustment of the pelletizing time.

Pelletizing cascades.
For semi-continuous operation.


Spheronizing of moist granulates and extruded products

In the pelletizer/spheronizer, moist granulates or pre-formed extruded products are fed onto the rotating pelletizer plate and shaped into round pellets with very narrow grain size distribution. (-> Pelletizing by Spheronizing, -> Spheronizing).


View of the spheronizer disc


View of the spheronizer disc


Build-up of pellets by direct pelletizing and layering
Under certain conditions (depending on the equipment and the product), pellets can also be manufactured by Direct Pelletizing or Powder Layering. In such cases, the powder is metered and solutions are sprayed under or over the product bed.


Simple handling
- replaceable spheronizer disc with/without surface profiling    (dependent  on product)
- more effective drying of the surface and thus reduction of the pelletizing time due to heated or cooled double jacket
- an optimum pelletizing bead can be set up by varying the speed and air gap of the rotor disc


Glatt P 140 pelletizer


Glatt P 140 pelletizer


Pelletizer cascades
Several pelletizers/spheronizers can be connected in cascade in order to increase the batch throughput. Cascades also allow layer structures to be built up. In this case, the upstream granulation process is a deciding factor in the structure of the pellets


Pelletizing cascade

  Pelletizing cascade
  User-friendly control system
Glatt offers customized Control Systems with simple, logical operator guidance. The process can be visualized and documented on request. Qualification and Validation of our control systems are, of course, possible right up to GAMP4.
All control systems are designed and manufactured in-house by Glatt based on hardware and software that has become established throughout the world.
The advantage for you is many years of security with regard to plant availability and support.
  Uncomplicated cleaning
Whether manual cleaning or an effective WIP pre-cleaning system.
With the SC SuperClean® concept, Glatt is offering a patented technology, which sets the standard world-wide for the cleaning of fluid bed systems. WIP/CIP racks, see (-> Cleaning Systems).


Process principles


Process Principles

Pelletizing by     spheronizing

Technical Processes

▶ Spheronizing


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