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A GC Master (Glatt Coater) enables tablets and pellets to be coated uniformly and reproducibly. The shortest possible process times can be achieved due to the fully perforated drum.
Batch sizes from 10
0kg to 1500kg/batch.

  Glatt Type GCM 500 Coater

GC Master: Film- and sugar coating at the highest stage.

Gentle product handling

The main advantage is the gentle mixing and coating of tablets due to the geometry of the drum and the Fischer mixing blades specially developed by Glatt. These ensure absolutely homogeneous mixing with minimum stress on the product. (-> Drum Coating)


  Extremely flexible
The GC Master is adapted exactly to your requirements.

With WIP systems you can choose between simple pre-cleaning, or - with the specific arrangement of cleaning nozzles - for a defined cleaning result of the complete GC Master process area. This reduces manual cleaning as well as cleaning times.
  Principle of WIP cleaning
Principle of WIP cleaning
Best possible product quality

Efficient film coating using the exclusive Glatt GCSD high performance nozzle with ABC-cap:
 -No beard formation
 -Excellent spray pattern
 -Adjustable spray angle

An intelligent and extremely compact construction:
  -Nozzle maintenance possible within only a few minutes and without any tools
  -Suitable for aqueous and organic processes
  -Sugar coating optional
Smart product discharging

  High performance nozzle GCSD
High performance nozzle GCSD



Glatt single material sugar coating nozzle

The GC Master is also particularly suitable for Sugar Coating. Both in conventional design with sugar inlet rakes and with the special single-material sugar nozzle, especially developed by Glatt for optimum distribution and shortest process times.
Single material sugar coating nozzle
Single material sugar coating nozzle

Simple handling
 -Easy and smooth-running operation of the spray arm
 -Thanks to optimized design, excellent cleaning capability and outstanding inspection facilities of the   whole process area
 -Feed and discharge is possible both in open and in enclosed design (-> Total Containment)
Product discharge
Product discharge


Process principles

Process Principles

Film coating
▶ Sugar coating


Technical Processes

▶ Drum coating


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