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The new Glatt Coater GC Smart® with fully perforated drum offers a high level of efficiency, handling and process security at an extremely attractive price. Based on the technology of the GC and GC Master series, this new machine offers not just challenging technological solutions but also an innovative design.


Extremely cost-effective
The GC Smart® is the answer to current market requirements:
- Credible technology for standard processes at an attractive price
- Horizontal air flow through the drum for maximum efficiency and   quality as well as minimum turbulence in the spray nozzle area
- Modular technology for individual requirements
- Short lead times thanks to intelligent production management and   control
  Easy handling
Ideal ergonomics and easy operation of the entire system make for amazingly simple handling. For example:

Nozzle arm

The nozzle spray arm is centre-mounted and suspended from the top of the housing. It is designed to pull out and swing to the side with ease.
Advantage: Easy access to the inside of the drum as well as to the spray nozzles.

Side doors
The GC Smart® incorporates large side doors with integrated gas shock absorber.
Advantage: Excellent access to the drum, the exhaust air shoe and to any part inside the coater housing.
  Best possible product quality
Efficient film coating using the exclusive Glatt GCSD high performance nozzle with ABC-cap:
-No beard formation
-Excellent spray pattern Adjustable spray angle

An intelligent and extremely compact construction:
-Nozzle maintenance possible within only a few minutes and without any tools
-Suitable for aqueous and organic processes
-Sugar coating optional
  High performance nozzle GCSD
High performance nozzle GCSD


Smart product discharging

The GC Smart® is equipped with the patented discharging system SmartScoop®.
Advantage: Simple insertion, fast emptying. Retrofittable.
  Discharging system SmartScoop
Discharging system SmartScoop





Process principles

Process Principles

Film coating
▶ Sugar coating


Technical Processes

▶ Drum coating
▶ Solvent Recovery


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