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The ProCell series is an alternative development of the Glatt GF fluid bed series. Glatt Spouted Bed Technology also enables particularly small, particularly large or irregular products to be Agglomerated/Granulated and Coated. The accurately adjustable process air volume results in an outstanding energy balance. Therefore the process is extremely economical.
Throughputs: 2
0kg/h to 2.5t/h.


Glatt Strahlschicht Granulator ProCell


Continuous multi-purpose capability.
For the granulation and coating of products that are difficult to fluidize.

Unique technology.
No sieve bottoms.
Variable filter system.
Adjustment of flow profile by changing the size of the gap.

Explosion suppression without pressure relief ducts.

Control system.
PLC or PC-supported.
Insular solutions or network connection.
Integration into higher-level systems.



Continuous multi-purpose capability

Glatt Spouted Bed Granulators of the ProCell series – in different designs for all known processes in continuous operation:

Spray Granulation

Coating (Film Coating; Lipid/Hot Melt Coating)
Encapsulation of Liquids
Spray Drying onto Inert Bodies

Due to the modular design, the air feed chamber, process chamber, filter system and spray system can be combined in order to match the system to the customer's specific process requirements.

Combination - the feed air chamber, which is divided into zones, allows different process conditions to prevail in the process chamber. Typical combinations are granulation with drying and/or cooling but granulation and coating are also possible.


Unique technology
Unlike fluid bed processes, the air does not enter the process chamber through a sieve bottom but through a longitudinal slot.
The speed of the process air when entering the process chamber can be adjusted by varying the size of the gap. High speeds at this point ensure that even large or irregular particles are fluidized.


View of the pilot system of Glatt ProCell series

View into the process chamber


View of the pilot system
of Glatt ProCell series
View into the process chamber


Depending on the process requirements and the customer's request, Glatt can provide internal filters in the form of filter bags or filter cartridges, filter material according to the process requirements and an external filter or cyclone in combination with a wet washer.


Explosion suppression systems allow a residual pressure shock resistance of 0.
4bar to be realized. This can also be easily achieved without using a round design.


Control system
SIEMENS, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Freelance have already been implemented, basically at the customer's request.

All control systems are designed and manufactured in-house by Glatt based on hardware and software that has become established throughout the world.
The advantage for you is an individual control system and world-wide local support. This guarantees high availability for your system (-> Process Control Systems).




Process principles

Process Principles

▶ Agglomeration
▶ Spray Granulation
▶ Encapsulation of     liquids

▶ Film coating

▶ Lipid/Hot melt coating

▶ Drying


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