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   GF Series, Continuous type

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Fluid Bed

Drum coater

Vertical granulator


Product handling


 Technical processes





Continuous Multi-Purpose Capability
The GF series– in different designs for all known fluid bed processes in continuous operation:

GFG Granulator
GFC Coater
GFP Pelletizer
GFT Dryer (Trockner)
GFK Cooler


Glatt GFC 750 fluid bed coater



Glatt GFC 750 fluid bed coater




Due to the modular design, the air feed chamber, process chamber, filter system and spray system can be combined in order to match the system to the customer's specific process requirements. Discharge with zigzag screen as GFP for manufacturing pellets from liquid starting materials.

Combination - the feed air chamber, which is divided into zones, allows different process conditions to prevail in the process chamber. Typical combinations are granulation with drying and/or cooling but granulation and coating are also possible.


Glatt GFC 750 fluid bed coater  -  view into process chamber

Glatt GFC 750 fluid bed coater -
view into process chamber

  Variable filter system
Depending on the process requirements and the customer's request, internal filters in the form of filter bags or filter cartridges, filter material according to the process requirements and an external filter or cyclone in combination with a wet washer.

Explosion suppression systems allow a residual pressure shock resistance of 0.
4bar. This can also be easily achieved without using a round design.


Glatt GFC 25 fluid bed coater


Glatt GFC 25 fluid bed coater


Easy accessibility to the fluid bed system, optional cleaning nozzles, common cleaning water discharge, filter as an exchangeable unit or cleanable in place.

  Control system
SIEMENS, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Freelance have already been implemented, basically at the customer's request.
All control systems are designed and manufactured in-house by Glatt based on hardware and software that has become established throughout the world.
The advantage for you is an individual control system and world-wide local support. This guarantees high availability for your system (-> Process Control Systems).
  A GF (Glatt continuous fluidized bed) for drying, cooling and demanding agglomeration and coating processes (-> Fluid Bed Granulation, -> Fluid Bed Coating).
Very gentle handling of temperature-sensitive materials.
High throughputs from 20kg/h to 10t/h.
  Glatt GFG 1200 Fluid Bed Granulator Continuous Multi-Purpose Capability.
Whether granulating, coating, pelletizing, drying and cooling – a system for all processes. Processes can be combined in one system.

Variable filter system.
With internal or external filter depending on process requirements.


No pressure relief ducts due to explosion suppression.





Process principles

Technical Processes

▶ Coating
▶ Granulation
▶ Drying


Process Principles

▶Spray Granulation
▶Film Coating
▶Lipid/Hot melt Coating 


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