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Fluid Bed

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A continuous granulation drying system (AGT) for demanding spray granulation processes (-> Fluid Bed Granulation/Spray Granulation).
Very gentle handling of temperature-sensitive materials.
Throughputs from 2
0kg/h to 10t/h.


AGT 2200 System for Continuous Granulation Drying



Spray granulation of highly viscous materials.
Even sticky liquids can be granulated directly in the AGT.

Central product discharge.
No accumulation of lumps in the process chamber.

Classifying discharge.
Product without undersized grains.

Explosion pressure relief or explosion suppression.

Easy-to-clean, optionally with WIP system.

Control system.
PLC or PC-supported.
Insular solutions or network connection.
Integration into higher-level systems.


Spray granulation of highly viscous materials
High fluidizing speeds in the granulation drying system enables granulates to be manufactured even with sticky products, such as pastes (-> Spray Granulation). Dust is separated by means of external filters and fed back into the process.


Central product discharge
The product is removed from the process in the middle of the process chamber by means of a discharge pipe. The distance from the discharge is therefore not large at any point in the process chamber and any lumps that are produced are extracted at an early stage.


Classifying discharge
The central discharge pipe works dynamically with the upward flowing air. Only granulate with product-sized grains can overcome the flow; dust and undersized grains remain in the process.


Round design enables explosion pressure to be relieved. Explosion suppression systems are used when Ex ducts are not desirable.


AGT 400 process chamber with  Ex protection

AGT 400 process chamber with
Ex protection


Easy cleaning, as no internal filter. Few cleaning nozzles allow the use of WIP system. The cleaning water is removed by means of a drain in the floor of the feed-air chamber and the product discharge pipe.


Control system
SIEMENS, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi and Freelance have already been implemented, basically at the customer's request.
All control systems are designed and manufactured in-house by Glatt based on hardware and software that has become established throughout the world.
The advantage for you is an individual control system and world-wide local support. This guarantees high availability for your system (-> Process Control Systems).


AGT - Cooling and classification
AGT - Cooling and classification


Process principles


Process Principles

▶Spray Granulation


Technical Processes

▶ Fluid Bed Granulation


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