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Optimum particles.
Uniformly round with a defined size.


Also possible by adding an appropriate dosing system.

Individual system.

For batch operation.

Cascade system.

For semi-continuous operation.


Process advantages
Enables different processes to be used for the rapid, economical manufacture of round pellets with very narrow grain size distribution.



Principle of operation
In the Spheronizer/Pelletizer moist granules or pre-formed extrusion products are fed onto the rotating pelletizer plate.



The rotation of the plate, the force of the incoming product and the air entering from the air gap at the side produce a uniform movement of the product along a spiral path at the wall of the container. The surface is smoothed due to the intensive rolling movement and pellets are produced. Dust particles resulting from this are rolled up again directly in the course of the process and bonded into the pellet.

Several spheronizers/pelletizers can be connected in cascade in order to increase the batch throughput. Cascades also allow layer structures to be built up. In this case, the upstream granulation process is a deciding factor in the structure of the pellets.

The most frequent combinations are Vertical Granulator and spheronizer/pelletizer or extruder and spheronizer/pelletizer.



Process principles

Technical Processes

->Pelletizing by    Spheronizing
->Pelletizing by Layering


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