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High quality with short process times.

Gentle, reproducible process.

Film coating of tablets.

Controlled release.
Visual attractiveness.
Taste masking.

Sugar coating of tablets.

Visual attractiveness.
Taste masking.

Functional coating of tablets.

Active ingredient can be applied in the tablet coating both as a film and as a sugar coating.


  Process advantages
Pan coating is used primarily for masking taste or for applying protective films.
Large particles, which are not suitable for the fluid bed process (e.g. tablets, capsules and large pellets), can be coated with this process.
The main advantage is the gentle mixing and coating of tablets due to the geometry of the drum and the Fischer mixing blades specially developed by Glatt. These ensure absolutely homogeneous mixing with minimum stress on the product.
Overall, the sum of all the measures taken together guarantees an extraordinarily high coating quality.
The shortest possible process times can be achieved due to the fully perforated drum.


Principle of operation
Glatt offers Drum Coaters with batch sizes from 50
0g to 2000kg/batch.
When Film Coating is carried out in the Glatt pan coater, a film solution is applied to the particles from above by means of a two-material nozzle.
The particles are moved and mixed by the rotating drum. The introduction of the process air evaporates the fluid and dries the film coating. Softening of the particle surface is avoided by the selection of the appropriate process parameters.


The necessary efficient heat transfer is achieved by the fully perforated cylindrical part of the drum. In the figurative sense, this also applies to Sugar Coating.



Process principles

Technical Processes

->Film Coating
->Sugar Coating


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