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   Container Blending

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Fluid Bed

Drum coater

Vertical granulator


Product handling


 Technical processes





Homogeneous mixing – fast and effective


Process advantages
Proven method in comparison with double-cone mixers and V-blenders. Container blenders provide better functionality in the production process, as containers are not only mixing containers, but also fulfil additional handling functions such as transportation and storage.
Glatt offers Drum and Container Blenders for sizes from 10l to 3000l/batch. .

Fast and homogeneous distribution with consistent results
Active ingredients, additives and raw carrier materials


Batch-by-batch mixing.
 - After storage and transportation
 - Before weighing.
 - Between granulation and compression

Principle of operation

With rectangular containers, product flows via the corners and mixing takes place as the container is rotated. Round containers are rotated simultaneously about two axes. Drums are rotated at an angle about a single axis.


Mixing of vertical layers


Mixing of Vertical Layers



Mixing of horizontal layers
Mixing of horizontal Layers



Process principles

Technical Processes

▶ Mixing


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