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   Wet Granulation

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Powder particles.

  Classical process.
Build-up of granulates from powder.
Wet granulates are generally denser and more mechanically stable particles than fluid bed granulates.
Product advantages.
Fast build-up of granulate.
Compact and stable structure.
  Grain sizes.
Between 0.
1mm and 10mm possible depending upon the downstream sieve.

Process Principles  



  Wet granulation in a vertical granulator is the classical method for building up granulates from powder. (-> Wet Granulation in the vertical granulator)
In this process, powder is fed to a product container and then moistened or sprayed with molten material in order to increase the cohesive forces. The liquid can be water or an organic solvent, if necessary with a binder. At the same time, the ingredients are mixed together vigorously.
Denser granulates are formed than in the case of Agglomeration/Granulation in the fluid bed.

  Product characteristics
Wet granulate
Wet granulate

Dust free
Good flow behaviour
Easy to dose
Good dispersibility
Good solubility
Highly suitable for making into tablets
Compact structure
Low hygroscopicity
High bulk density
Wide grain size distribution



  Manufacturing options
For this process, Glatt offers Vertical Granulators with batch sizes from 10
0g to 1t/batch.


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