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   Sugar Coating

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Sweet casing for capsules, tablets, the centres of dragées and sweets.

  Application of sugary coatings.
Taste masking.
Also suitable for temperature-sensitive and fragile products.
Complete sealing of the particle surface.
High coating mass in comparison with the initial product to be coated.
  Coating thickness.
Generally between approx. 0.
5mm and 2mm.

Process Principles  


Sugar coating is an effective process for the application of thick coating layers, primarily for masking taste. The syrup is sprayed onto the particles. The introduction of the process air evaporates the fluid and dries the sugar coating. When the sugar coating solution is added discontinuously, the particles remain in the process until the required coating thickness is achieved.

Glatt offers Drum Coating as a technical solution for the coating of capsules and tablets as well as different particles from the confectionery field. This enables the product to be treated gently, in particular in the case of temperaure-sensitive and fragile particles.


Specific manipulation of the product characteristics of particles and tablets such as:

Sugar-coated pill

Shelf life
Surface structure
Visual attractiveness


Sugar-coated pill

  Manufacturing options
For this process, Glatt offers Drum Coaters with batch sizes from 0.
5kg to 2000kg/batch.


Process principles

Technical Processes

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