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   Spray Granulation

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Build-up of liquid particles. Encapsulation from the liquid.

  Effective solution.
Drying of liquids with simultaneous build up of granulates.
Product advantages.
Round pellets with compact structure, good solubility and low abrasion.

Spray granulates are denser and harder than agglomerates.

  Grain sizes.
Between 0.
2mm and 5mm possible.

Process Principles  



  Spray granulation is the drying of liquids (solutions, suspensions, melts) while simultaneously building up granulates.
Germs can be provided for granulates (foreign germs) or can form in the fluid bed due to abrasion and fracture (inherent germs). The spray liquid coats the germs and is then dried.
Spray granulates are denser and harder in comparison with agglomerates.

(-> Fluid Bed Granulation/Spray Granulation)
For particles difficult to fluidize we have developed the Glatt Spouted Bed Technology.

  Product characteristics
Spray granulate from build-up granulation
Spray granulate from build-
up granulation

Dust free
Round pellets
Good flow behaviour
Easy to dose
Good dispersibility
Good solubility
Compact structure
Low hygroscopicity
High bulk density
Dense surface
Narrow grain size distribution
Low abrasion


  Manufacturing options
For this process, Glatt offers systems with different capacities:
Continuous Fluid Bed Systems with throughputs from 50
0g to 10t/h
Spouted Bed Systems with throughputs from 20
0g to 3t/h
Batch Fluid Bed Systems (Wurster) with batch sizes from 2
0g to 1.5t/batch.


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