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   Pelletizing by Spheronizing

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A round pellet for moist granulates and extruded products.


Round pellets are formed from irregular wet granulates and extruded products.

Product advantages.
Good flow behaviour.
Narrow particle size distribution.
Optimum starting shape for coatings.

Pellets have a higher density than spray granulates and agglomerates.


Particle diameter.
Between ca. 0.
5mm and 2.5mm.


Principle of the granulate spheronizing process



Principle of the extruded product spheronizing process


Irregular particles can be spheronized with the help of a pelletizer/spheronizer. The moist granulates or extruded products are fed onto the rotating pelletizing plate. The surface is smoothed due to the intensive rolling movement and spherical pellets are produced. (-> Spheronizing in the pelletizer)


Product characteristics of the granulates and pelletsr

Top: spheronized extruded product   Bottom: spheronized wet granulate

Dust free
Round, uniform shape
Good flow behaviour
Easy to dose
Good dispersibility
Good solubility
Compact structure
Low hygroscopicity
High bulk density
Dense surface
Narrow grain size distribution
Low abrasion
Visual attractiveness
Optimum starting shape for subsequent coating


Top: spheronized extruded product
Bottom: spheronized wet granulate

With suitable additives, pellets can be made into tablets or used to fill capsules. The round shape is ideal for uniform coating. Pellets are good for automatic dosing.



Manufacturing options
For this process, Glatt offers Pelletizers/Spheronizers with throughputs from a few 10
0g to 1.5t/batch.



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