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   Direct Pelletizing

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Manufacturing of pellets directly from powder.

  Effective process.
Pellets are manufactured directly from powder with a binder or solvent.
Fast process.
Low usage of auxiliary materials.
Product advantages.
Compact, round pellets - ideal for automatic dosing and even coating.
Pellets have a higher density than spray granulates and agglomerates.
  Pellet diameter.
Between ca. 0.
2mm and 1.2mm.

Process Principles  




Powder is mixed and moistened. A solvent or binder can also be added. The powder bed is set into a centrifugal motion. (-> Fluid Bed Pelletizing in the rotor).
The impact and acceleration forces that occur in this process result in the formation of agglomerates, which become rounded out into uniform and dense pellets. The speed of rotation has a direct influence on the density and size of the pellets.
The moist pellets are subsequently dried in the fluid bed.
If required, the systems can be made inert for applications with organic solvents.
Another alternative for direct pellitizing is Spray Granulation.


Product characteristics of the pellets

Perfect pellet

Round pellets
Good flow behaviour
Easy to dose
Good dispersibility
Compact structure
High bulk density
Dense surface
Wide grain diameter spectrum
Low abrasion

With suitable additives, pellets can be made into tablets or used to fill capsules. The round shape is ideal for uniform coating. Pellets are good for automatic dosing.

  Manufacturing options
For this process, Glatt offers systems with different capacities:
Batch Fluid Bed Systems with batch sizes from 50
0g to 250kg/batch.
Continuous Fluid Bed Systems with throughputs from 1
0kg/h to 0.5t/h.


Process principles

Technical Processes

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