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   Film Coating

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Wafer-thin, functional coatings for tablets and other particles.


Application of thin barrier films, protective layers and coloured of functional coatings

Specific manipulation of product  characteristics.
 - Systematic release of active ingredients.
 - Gastric juice resistance.
 - Taste masking.
 - Visual attractiveness

Functional coating tablets.
 - Active ingredient can be incorporated in the tablet coating

Uniform and Dense coating
 - Low coating mass in comparison with particle centre


Coating Thickness
 - Between approx 5 micro meter and 50 micro meter (and more)


Process Principles  


A very even application of the coating material is an important feature of the coating process. Coatings must be dense and without mechanical damage and cracks. Film coating is an effective process for the application of protective films for manipulating the product characteristics. Glatt offers various technical solutions for coating different particles and tablets:

 - Fluid Bed Coating (Top Spray Coating, Bottom Spray Coating, Rotor Coating)
 - Drum Coating
 - Spouted Bed Technology

In each case, the coating fluid is sprayed onto the solid material, which is presented to it. The introduction of the process air evaporates the fluid and dries the film coating. Small droplets and a low viscosity ensure a uniform distribution

  Coated pellet

Product characteristics of the coating
 - Low abrasion, smooth surface

 - Good flow behaviour

 - Masking of taste and smell

 - Good protection against light, air and moisture

 - Impervious separating layers in the case of multi-layer composition

 - Systematic release of active ingredients

 - Retardation, delayed dissolving

 - Low hygroscopicity

 - Visual attractiveness (pharmaceutical drug safety)


Manufacturing options
Glatt provides systems with different capacities:

Batch Fluid Bed Systems with batch sizes
- from 2g to 1500kg/batch (Top Spray Coating)
- from 50g to 700kg/batch (Bottom Spray Coating)
- from 500g to 250kg/batch (Rotor Coating)

Continuous Fluid Bed Systems with throughputs from 20kg to 5t/h
Spouted Bed Systems with throughputs from 200g to 3t/h
Drum Coaters with batch sizes from 500g to 2000kg/batch.


Process principles


Technical Processes

▶Drum Coating
▶Fluid bed Coating



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