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Inclusion of active ingredients.


Microencapsulation in fixed matrix.

Long shelf life

Controlled release possible.

Granulate properties can be manipulated.


Principle of the encapsulation process by spray granulation 




Encapsulation by wet granulation


The subsequent spray granulation of different starting materials that have been mixed in the liquid phase produces granulates, in which the starting materials are very evenly distributed. If the process is set up correctly, liquids can also be encapsulated in a fixed matrix in this way.
If the matrix material is dissolved in the liquid phase, the granulates are made by means of spray granulation.
If the matrix material is presented in the form of powder, the granulates are made by means of wet granulation.
This encapsulation process is mainly applied in the food industry.
If necessary, the spray granulates can be provided with a protective coating in an additional step (
-> Film Coating, -> Lipid/Hot Melt Coating, -> Sugar Coating).



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▶Fluid Bed Granulation
▶Wet Granulation


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