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The art of effectively evaporating water.


Products moistened with water.

Products with organic solvents.





Process Principle



Heat is fed to the product when drying in order to evaporate water or an organic solvent. Different temperatures and times are required depending upon the product quality and the desired residual moisture. As the evaporation of the solvent cools the product, relatively high temperatures can be used for drying without overheating the product. At the same time, it is important to mix the product well during drying.

Drying in the fluid bed (-> Fluid Bed Drying) is a very effective process, as ideal mixing is achieved very quickly in this case. If only a little water is to be evaporated, wet granulates can also be dried directly in the Vertical Granulator: (-> Wet Granulation).
For particles difficult to fluidize we have developed the Glatt Spouted Bed Technology.




Requirements for the drying process
Homogeneous drying
Dust-free process as far as possible
Reproducible residual moisture
Gentle product handling

Drying options
For the drying of granulates, agglomerates and pellets, Glatt offers systems with different capacities:
Continuous Fluid Bed Systems with throughputs from 2
0kg to 5t/h
Spouted Bed Systems with throughputs from 20
0g to 3t/h
Batch Fluid Bed Systems with batch sizes from
2g to 1.5t/batch.

Solvent recovery systems for fluid bed processes and vacuum systems for vertical granulators are available as required for the drying of organic solvents.
(-> Solvent Recovery)   




Process principles

Technical Processes

▶Fluid Bed Drying
▶Solvent recovery


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