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Dry mixing – the uniform distribution of different components.

  Fast and homogeneous distribution with reproducible results.
Mixing of active ingredients, additives and raw carrier materials.
Stable mixing results.
No change in the mix due to transportation or storage.
Mixing of starting materials.
  Mixing of intermediate products.
Granulates, etc.

Process Principles  



  In solid processes, various individual products of different density and concentration and in different amounts are often admixed to form a homogeneous mixture. ( -> Container Blending)
In the pharmaceutical area, very different quantities and proportions of active and auxiliary ingredients (corn starch, lactose, PVP, etc.) are mixed together.
Specific auxilliary materials such as lubricants or flavourings may also be added.
Mixing may be necessary in different process sections. For instance, compression aids, flow controlling media and external phases are added following the granulation process and before compression.

  Requirements for the blending process
Defined mixing proportions
Dust free
Long shelf life
Different blending optionsFor this process, Glatt offers drum and container blenders for container sizes from 10l to 3000l/batch. Blending processes can also be carried out before the process step Agglomeration/Granulation directly in the vertical granulator or in the fluid bed system.


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