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Powder particles. Immobilization of liquids.

  Modern process.
Build-up of agglomerates/granulates from powder
Agglomerates are looser and not as dense as spray granulates and wet granulates. 
Product advantages.
Particles with porous structure.
Excellent solubility.
Highly suitable for making into tablets.
Controllable grain size distribution.
  Grain size distribution.
Grain sizes between 0.
2mm and 2.5mm are usual.

Process Principles  



  Agglomeration in the fluid bed (-> Fluid Bed Granulation) is a modern process for building up powder granulates. In this process, powder is moistened in order to form liquid bridges between the particles. The spray liquid can either be water or an organic solvent, a powder dissolved in water or another binder. The moistened granulates are dried and cooled as required.
Due to the relatively low mechanical forces in the fluid bed, the agglomerates/granulates are loose, have a low bulk density and are outstandingly soluble in water.

  Product characteristics
Built-up agglomerate

Dust free

  • Good flow behaviour
  • Easy to dose
  • Good dispersibility
  • Excellent solubility
  • Highly suitable for making into tablets
  • Low bulk density
  • Controllable grain size distribution

  • Built-up agglomerate

      Manufacturing options
    For this process, Glatt offers systems with different capacities:
    Batch Fluid Bed Systems with batch sizes from 2
    0g to 1.5t/batch.
    Continuous Fluid Bed Systems with throughputs from 2
    0kg to 5t/h.


    Process principles

    Technical Processes

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